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~~The Rainbow is the best and most efficient vacuum I have ever purchased. It pulls so much dirt out of my carpet that I have "mud" in my water every time. Only two people live here - my husband and myself. The air purifier aspect is not as visible as the cleaning aspect, but I have confidence that it is making the air inside our house very pollen-free and allergy-free, which will benefit everyone in this part of the country. I would highly recommend this unit based on its performance. Give it a try - it will convince you to buy it!! Connie, Dowagiac, MI

The rainbow machine is a versatile product. I can use the Rainbow for several different projects. It's not just a vacuum that cleans thoroughly on carpet and hard surface floors. I have used it to clean mattresses, couches, and even air up my children's toys! It's great for cleaning the car as well. I love all the extra tools and attachments to make each job easier and attainable! The clean up is super easy and you don't have to deal with a filter and bags. My family also enjoys it as an air purifier. And I enjoy that I do not have to dust as often. I couldn't believe all the debris and dirt it caught while just sitting in the room! So glad it's cleaning the air I'm breathing as well. It's great for allergies. ~Jesse & Angie ~ Noblesville IN

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