Get rid of your worthless vaccuum! Or, you can trade it in for this amazing system. To say that the rainbow is the most significant investment in my house is an understatement. I am a husband with 4 boys in which 2 are human. I have a dog and a cat as well who sheds and my dog has a digestive issue in which sometimes without warning, has explosive ... ewww. This system, literally sucks it up! With the attachments, no stains! It can clean EVERYTHING! My microfiber couches, look new, and they are 9 years old. My carpet looks brand new, and it has never been replaced. I was spending close to 1K a year in carpet cleaning expenses. I have not called them since I purchased the rainbow. We do everything in my house with the rainbow from dusting, moping and carping cleaning to air purifying with awesome fragrances. So, throw away your burners and candles, you don't need them anymore. Saving even more $. This system has also paid for itself from using it to detail high end luxury vehicles. My clients are usually amazed at how well it works, replacing multiple tools and accessories to get the job done, including upholstery and carpet services. I even sold my shop vac and all the expensive accessories with it. My wife always says that I am an impulse shopper. I see it, I like it and I buy it lol. She was the one who decided to take a chance on this purchase and we are extremely satisfied. I am a very skeptical person to say the least, especially when it comes to vaccuum cleaners because well, I am a guy. The purchasing options made available are very convienent as well. The sales team from aquaclean technology are never pushy so invite them in to do a demo, I promise you won't be disappointed. Make sure you pay attention to the warranty! This team is also available to help customers with system problems if needed or just basic questions, which I'm sure they are annoyed with my phone calls asking if i can use it for this or that by now lol. So many ways to use the rainbow, Sometimes I'm honestly blown away. Do not buy a Dyson or the Kirby because you are just throwing your money away. Invest your money the smart way, try a rainbow because you really do not have a reason not to. My friends and family can't even tell I own pets sometimes and for me, that is a huge compliment! Thank you Aquaclean Technology for making a believer out of me.  - Charles Nantz - Pendleton IN

I love my rainbow. I have had for almost a year and use it for everything! - Carrie Wright - Gas City IN

The rainbow machine is a versatile product. I can use the Rainbow for several different projects. It's not just a vacuum that cleans thoroughly on carpet and hard surface floors. I have used it to clean mattresses, couches, and even air up my children's toys! It's great for cleaning the car as well. I love all the extra tools and attachments to make each job easier and attainable! The clean up is super easy and you don't have to deal with a filter and bags. My family also enjoys it as an air purifier. And I enjoy that I do not have to dust as often. I couldn't believe all the debris and dirt it caught while just sitting in the room! So glad it's cleaning the air I'm breathing as well. It's great for allergies. ~Jesse & Angie ~ Noblesville IN

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